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Ok, so there you go !!!!!
Thank to our dear friend Luca Baldi ( Baldi comunicazione ) we shot this WIP video of the cover of Thor and Loki : the tenth realm issue# 3 Simone painted few weeks ago, from scratch to finish and here you can see it for the first time.
A lot of you guys ( art / comic book students or else ) have been asking for something like this for so long and, now , after quite some time ( again, we did this last april ) we can enjoy it together ( well, at least We hope you will . . . . . otherwise what the hell did you sign to this page for? . . . . LOL )
Anyway, take a look at this first version straight from and official Youtube Marvel channel, as , soon as we can, we will provide a longer, better definition version ( with comments from Simone himself ) explaining all the progress of the piece , step by step.
Also big BIG thanks go to Ben Morse and Brian Stieve from Marvel itself, for putting together this editing of the video which has been posted today , just few hours ago.
One word only:
SHARE IT !!!!!!! SHARE IT!!!!!!!! SHARE IT!!!!!!!!

This is something we really put our hearts in and we would love to have as many people as possible to see it . . . . 
So again
SHARE IT !!!!!!! SHARE IT!!!!!!!! SHARE IT!!!!!!!!

Gloria and Simone

you can go trough you tube:……

or trough Marvel official site:…

Creating Original Sin with Simone Bianchi
Get a special behind the scenes look at creating the variant cover to Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #1!
So.... who , among you true SbianchiArt true believers ( better known as all of you guys who subscribed to this page ) , are coming To next week San Diego Comic con , and what is the thing that you are most looking forward to do / see / watch or experience from those crazy 5 days ?
Just curios,

Hi guys, 
I am writing after spending several weeks on my latest project, New Avengers: 3 issues full of characters I enjoyed drawing and full of action. Tomorrow, wednesday, the third issue will be out in the US and we'll see what the readers' reaction will be... I have a few covers to work on now and I must confess that after such a kind of work it is a pure joy to just focus on one image at a time, rather than telling a story panel after panel, it is just what you need to do. I like passing from one kind of job to the another, and then go back..
San Diego comic con here we coming!!!!!!!!!!

Getting ready for SDCC! Come and see us at booth 5540, right after entrance C. For the first time we are having the original art from the whole Thanos Rising story arc, beside the exclusive 2013 sketchbook and 2 new color prints. See you at ComicCon!
Hi guys, we were having too many pages and this was creating some confusion, so we have finally created the definite one, with no member number limit, the official Simone Bianchi Art one! Click on it if you wish and join us!

Ciao a tutti ragazzi, erano nate troppe pagine negli ultimi tempi e questo stava creando un po' di confusione, perciņ abbiamo creato la pagina ufficiale Simone Bianchi Art, senza limite di contatti, insomma quella definitiva! Cliccate se volete!…
Script by Jason Aaron , art by me.
Just don't question  . . . . . go out at your closest LCS and buy a whole pyle !!!!!!!!
At least.
Best script I ever had the pleasure to illustrate , best art I ever produced in my career ......
My modest self!!!!!!!
Please feel free to drop a line of any comment you might have about the series.
I would love to hear from any of you, deviant friends.

NYCC, here we come!!!!!!!!come and stop by our table in artist alleys at booth x9!!!!!!!Some crazy and brand new original artwork and a whole bunch of new produtcs on sale!!!!!!!You can not miss it.....See you all there in about an hour!!!!!!!! Ciao
Getting ready for New York Comic Con. The news is next Friday and Saturday the Artists' Alley will be open for one hour after the show, so we will be there until 8 pm. So come and say hi at the Javits North, booth X9!
I personally will be there the whole time, all the days.
See ya !!!!!!!

ComicCon 2012 starts in 2 hours: our booth is going to be at the very same place, 5540, entrance C. There are going to be 2 exclusive lithos, the 2012 full color sketchbook and a portfolio with the latest covers, splashes and interiors. Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!..........
Domani mattina, 11 Luglio, faremo un'intervista con i ragazzi di Rai Radio 2 sui diversi aspetti del mio lavoro. L'intervista sarà in diretta intorno alle 11.45 su Rai Radio 2 durante la trasmissione "Miracolo Italiano".

Tomorrow July 11th Italian radio Rai Radio 2 is interviewing me about different aspects involved in my job. The interview will be live around 11.45 am Italian time during "Miracolo Italiano". Stay tuned!
On thursday June the 28t h , at 10.34 am italian time, Sebastian was born ! ! ! His daddy Simone and his mom Jessica want to' thank everybody for the Love and the kindness ! ! ! Taking a picture of your 92 years old grandmother and your four days old son on the same bed is priceless ! ! !

Giovedì 28 giugno 2012 alle ore 10 e 34 e' nato un bellissimo bambino di 3 chili e 430 grammi di nome Sebastian ! ! ! I genitori Simone e Jessica ringraziano tutti gli amici per l' affetto e, ovviamente lo straordinario staff medico del reparto maternità dell'ospedale di Pescia ! ! !
Ps: fotografare la propria nonna 92enne che fuma un pacchetto di sigarette al giorno e tuo figlio sullo stesso letto non ha prezzo . . .
Ciao a tutti, deviant friends!!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!!What can I say?
Just thanks very very much for the Daily deviation......
Completely unexpected ........ I am flattered!!!!!!
A million and a half thanks!!!!!!!!
Take care Deviant friends

'NUff Said.........
A very special Ciao this time around

Wow!!!!!!What a response!!!!!
The last image I just added today : " Batman SanDiego - Lucca 2011 commision " is For the first time ever listed as number 1 in the last 8 hours deviant most seen images ( and currently ranking # 2 in the last 24 hours )......Can not thank you guys all enough!!!!!!!
Messaggio per i deviant-amici italiani.......QUESTA sera, sabato, durante Tg2 Storie Dossier andrà in onda un servizio sul mio lavoro per la Marvel. Si tratta di una bella chiacchierata che abbiamo fatto qualche giorno fa nel mio nuovo studio. Il video verrà trasmesso intorno alle 23.30 circa, su Rai2.
Chi se lo perde verrà bannato eternamente da questa pagina!!!!!!!!!LOL Buona visione!

As for the others....I am going to have a nice and quite long interview on a national broadcast, tonight at about 11 pm.....don't think none of guys from all over the planet (LOL!!!!!) will be able to watch it!!!!!!!
I'll try to post a link from the broadcast website later on.......

During New York ComicCon Simone's new project has been officially revealed: it is actually a come back everybody seemed to eagerly want at Marvel: WOLVERINE, obviously on texts by Joep Loeb again! And the run was conceived with a precise idea in mind: bring Sabretooth back to life!!!!!!!
Talk to you soon, Deviant friends!!!!!!
So it's official: 10 pieces of mine, mainly covers, will be exposed at the Chuck Jones Gallery, in San Diego. I feel honored in having my works hanging in such a beautiful Gallery during the Con. The Gallery is on Fifth Avenue, literally 3 minutes walk away from the Con. I wanna thank Michelle for her effort in having the show take place, and I'm sure the guys over there will do a great work in organizing the event. Opening on Thursday evening, 7 pm. I'll see you there!

It's finally time for the San Diego ComicCon! We are ready to meet all of you who will stop and say hi at our booth 5540. There, we'l have new original art and new products. See you there!

THOR : A DREAM COMES TRUE!!!!!!!As a matter of fact I was drooling after this
character for quite some time now.

Now it looks like it's time for you ladies and
gentlemen, to go out there and buy at least 10 copies each, and I promise I'll
post 360° pictures of my new heart shaped swimming pool on my Facebook page right
away soon as it'll be done!!!!!!
First two issues will be out in September!!!!!!!